Personal Property Return

Each PT(S)A must file a Personal Property Return each year. As a result of a PTA’s non-profit status there is no filing fee. The return will be mailed to the PTA’s address of record and is due on April 15. There are late filing penalties.

Officer Contact Information
​All PT(S)As are required to submit the names of their officers to Free State PTA within two weeks of election. This information is also due to MCCPTA for inclusion in the Blue Book (directory).



Membership Dues

Each PT(S)A must have 25 members, annually and make dues payments to MCCPTA, Free State PTA & National PTA.

2022-23 Dues

MCCPTA: $1.00/PTA member
Free State & Nat'l PTA: $4.25/ PTA member.

Download: MCCPTA Dues Form

MD State and Nat'l PTA Dues Form


Free State PTA requires each local PTA to have general liability and bonding insurance as well as directors and officers insurance. This insurance must be obtained through Free State PTA and its authorized provider, AIM Insurance.

MD Charitable Registration

All local PTAs are required to file annual renewals of their registration with the State of Maryland as charitable organizations by December 31.  

See Maryland (website)

There are eight (8) requirements mandated, recorded, and tracked by Free State PTA which must be fulfilled to maintain the good standing of each local PT(S)A and the Council, effective July 13, 2013.


PT(S)As must update their bylaws every 3 years using the template provided by Free State PTA.

IRS 990 

Every local PT(S)A must file an IRS 990, N or EZ, or extension every year, by Nov. 15. There is a fee for late filing.

See: IRS Form 990

PT(S)A presidents should work closely with their treasurers and other board of directors members to complete them in a timely manner every year. MCCPTA cluster coordinators and area vice presidents monitor the status of these requirements and are ready and available to lend guidance and help​.

All documents must be submitted to the appropriate government authority (if required) and a copy sent to Free State PTA. No copies are required to be sent to MCCPTA.  A brief explanation of each requirement is provided below.​ Contact Free State PTA Office, MCCPTA Vice President Administration or listed contact with questions. See the associated Leadership Guidebooks for more information.

Audit/ Financial Review 

Local PTA are required to conduct an audit or financial review of the financial records at specified times, including a change of treasurers and at the end of the fiscal year.