lET'S GET started!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get Help
You can't do it alone. Recruit committee members! Offer specific duties: man the table, bring balloons, distribute cards, make fliers, update the goal chart. 

Join our Mailing List 

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Membership Chairs, join our mailing list to keep up-to-date with the latest information from our Membership Committee. 

Set a Goal

5 members over last year? A 5% increase? Write it down, think big but be realistic. A small goal reached is better than a big goal missed.

Track It

Chart your progress on bulletin boards, in newsletters and emails. Check out these

goal charts (Excel / PowerPoint / Printables / Order a sign)

Know Your Value

Why join PTA? The value of our advocacy = $1,000 per student. That's great return on investment! Tell your story with an elevator speech. Share national and local benefits.

Discover a Cause 

Need building repairs? Smaller classes? A safer playground? Recruit parents, teachers and students who want a voice finding solutions.

Create a Theme
MCCPTA's membership theme is "Every Voice Matters." Use it on fliers, posters, banners, newsletters, e-communications and events.

Set Dues
County + state + national = $5.25 per member. Set your local dues based on what your community and PT(S)A can afford. Here's how some units handle dues:

​Offer FREE membership and absorb the cost through fundraisers

Share the cost with members (PT(S)A pays a portion)

Charge more and use profit for programs

Ask local businesses to sponsor memberships

Offer tiered membership

Include incentives (car magnets, t-shirts, directories, yearbooks)

Create membership form
Include accomplishments, volunteer opportunities, loyalty programs, donations, tiered membership options - in English, Spanish and other languages. (sample)
. For convenience, set it up online. (example)

Create a Database
Use this spreadsheet or software to accurately record membership.


Start early. Most people join in the fall. Here's how you can get started.

Pay Dues

There are two separate monthly payments: send $4.25 per member for state and national dues using this form.  Send $1 per member to MCCPTA using this form.

Celebrate Success!
Everyone wants to be part of a winning team. When you reach your goal, let everyone know – and celebrate!

​​​your step-by-Step Guide to a successful Membership campaign