Does your PTA/PTSA offer student memberships? Start today! We're all about improving education for children, so let's give them a voice! You don't have to be a PTSA to offer student memberships. Elementary and middle school PTAs can include students too. Add them in every family membership and instantly double your numbers this year!

  • Spring parent/student orientation
  • Feeder school PTA meetings
  • School/community events (fun run, car wash, yard sale, awards night, promotion)
  • Sports leagues

finding members

​​​​​​tips for effective recruiting



Important note about memberships: Free State PTA does not recognize family memberships. If your PT(S)A offers family memberships, you MUST specify exactly how many people are included, and each individual must receive a separate membership card. Each card must specify the name of an individual, such as "John Smith," not "Smith family." State and local dues must be paid for each individual in the family who receives a card. 


future leaders

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For Teachers

For Students

Everyone can't chair the book fair. Some parents can't even attend meetings. It's OK! PTA meets parents where they are. We're thankful to accept whatever time they have to volunteer - or just their membership - because EVERY VOICE COUNTS!

Member: Joins PTA but may never attend meetings or events. He/she may attend one or two family events or an occasional meeting during the year, with minimal or no volunteering. May do projects from home (make calls, design fliers, pick up donations) if asked.

Volunteer: Attends most events and may assist with setup, donations, greeting guests. Participates in fundraisers and serves on committees. Often available for help but doesn't want to be in charge.

Leader: An active parent who volunteers frequently, chairs committees, organizes events. Attends and participates in meetings and advocacy events. Encourage and train these members as future PTA officers.

Who likes being a committee of one, or a President with no board? Training future leaders is very important for our PTAs to thrive year after year. PTA leaders must begin each year thinking: "Who will do this job next year?"

  • Scouting: As you meet new members, note experience, interests and passion could benefit your PTA. 
  • Communicating: Keep in touch with people who agree to volunteer. Give them something specific to do.
  • Skill-building: Develop volunteers by matching skills and interests to available tasks. Pair new volunteers with more experienced ones.
  • Training: Select a volunteer to shadow you. Keep them in the loop and let them assist at each step of the planning, organization and execution of an event or committee work.
  • Encouragement: Keep volunteers encouraged whether or not things go smoothly. Remember: we're volunteers! No one gets paid, no one gets fired, and all efforts are appreciated.
  • Transition: Keep good records of your committee work,  event planning and oversight volunteer work and share them with future leaders. Make yourself available for questions or help for new leaders in training.

what to say



  • Help teachers pack after school's out
  • Summer training
  • Pre-service week (ask for 5 minutes to pitch PTA)
  • ​​Summer camps, pools & rec centers
  • Hang out in the office before school starts to meet new families



Why re-invent the wheel? Here are some templates you can use. Just plug in your school name, add your dues, choose a logo (PTA or PTSA) and print! 

  • Write personal notes to families that haven't joined
  • Challenge a rival school
  • ​Grade level/staff challenges
  • ​Gift bags/Hot cocoa for students who recruit friends
  • ​Basketball games & sports leagues
  • ​School/PTA events

common concerns

Levels of Membership

DOUBLE Your Membership!

  • New student orientation
  • Back to School picnic/Night
  • ​Car loop
  • Grandparents Day
  • Football games & sports leagues
  • ​Open House
  • Conference Night
  • ​School/PTA events

how and where to find new members