ADVOCACY: Develops priorities from member feedback to share with elected officials; plans and hosts events allowing PTA members to interact with elected officials; tracks and organizes testimony on county and state legislation and funding affecting students and schools.  

AWARDS: Manages the process of soliciting applications, selecting recipients and ordering MCCPTA end of the year awards, including PTA President of the Year, Principal of the year, Partners for Education, Advocacy Award, Dad4PTA, Maryland and National PTA Lifetime Achievement awards, and the Champion for Children, awarded by the Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education.  

AUDIT: Performs the required annual financial review of MCCPTA financial records. Makes recommendations as needed. 

BYLAWS: Reviews, interprets and updates MCCPTA bylaws as needed. Assists local PTAs with bylaws revisions, updates and interpretation. 

CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE: Plans and executes MCCPTA's year-end celebration, including student performances, awards and other activities to highlight the achievements of our PTAs. Attended by members, PTA leaders, school administrators and MCPS/elected officials.  

CIP (Capital Improvement Program): Educates members about the Capital Improvement Program that governs school building improvements, including major renovations, system replacements, ADA upgrades, technology and more. Organizes testimony for Board of Education and County Council hearings.  

Subcommittee: SSP (Subdivision Staging Policy - Educates and advocates on policies managing the effect of population growth and residential development on schools. Most active during quadrennial review, but available between reviews to address related issues. 

COMMUNICATIONS: Creates print and electronic messaging to keep members informed of all MCCPTA activities, including e-lists, website design and management, Constant Contact email distribution; fliers, and social media. Produces media releases and responds to media requests. Produces Blue Book directory of PTAs, county/state government offices and community resources. 
Subcommittees: Blue Book, eCommunications, Public Relations, Social Media Website 

CULTURAL ARTS: Promotes cultural arts performances, assemblies and another exposure to visual and performing arts within PTAs and school communities. Promotes the annual MCPS Cultural Arts Showcases in October. Surveys PTAs in the spring about cultural arts activities and budgets. Plans and executes spring Performing Arts Festival featuring MCPS student groups across the county. 

Subcommittee: Performing Arts Festival 

CURRICULUM: Keeps membership abreast of key changes and areas of concern involving the MCPS curriculum and academic programs; advises members and school communities how to address concerns; assists with planning and promoting MCPS curriculum nights; advocates with MCPS and the Maryland State Dept. of Education for effective programming. Connects students to SSL opportunities. Represents MCCPTA on the Early Childhood Coordinating Council.  
Subcommittees: Elementary, Middle, High, SSL, Early Education 

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: Partners with individuals and group within and outside MCCPTA to empower diverse families; elevate the voices of all students and families in decision-making; and champion initiatives and programs that promote diversity and inclusion.  
Subcommittee: LGBTQ- Promote understanding, support and advocacy for LGBTQ students, families and staff. 

ESOL: Educates, advocates and supports families with students and/or parents learning English as a Second Languages. Partners with ESOL staff to provide resources and learning opportunities to families. Ensures availability of interpreters at MCCPTA events.  

FIELDS: Coordinates advocacy around the safety and maintenance of school playing fields. 

FINANCE: Creates and oversees MCCPTA budget. 

GIFTED CHILD: Educates, advocates and supports gifted students and their families; meets regularly with MCPS officials to review and improve policies and programs; manages and expands a network of local GCC chairs.  

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Monitors and educates on all issues affecting the health and wellness of MCPS students. 

Mental Health & Wellness- Plans annual Mental Wellness Fair; manages health and wellness Facebook group.  

Substance Use Prevention - Educates and advocates on issues such as vaping and addictions. Supports families. 

Nutrition- Monitors policies and practice surrounding the nutritional content of school breakfast, lunch and foods offered at after school events and activities. Educates families about health options.  

Safe Technology - Educates members about the positive and negative impact of technology in the classroom. Advocates to empower families how they can request non-electronic options when preferred. Works with MCPS officials to ensure the safety of student data. 

MEMBERSHIP AND ENGAGEMENT: Tracks membership and dues payments of all local PTAs within the Council; provides monthly incentives and information to encourage recruitment; trains local PTA leaders how to gain new members, retain existing members and engage members in PTA activities. Oversees distribution of membership cards from Maryland PTA. Represents MCCPTA on the Maryland PTA Membership Committee. 

NOMINATING: Oversees the process of recruiting, reviewing applications and suggesting a slate of nominees for countywide positions, including elected officers, area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators.  

OPERATINGBUDGET: Educates members about the MCPS Operating Budget that governs staffing, instructional needs and programs for students. Plans and organizes an annual workshop to prepare cluster leaders, PTA leaders and all members to participate in operating budget testimony at the Board of Education and County Council. Monitors budget changes and advocates as needed. Represents MCCPTA on the MCPS Operating Budget Advisory Committee.  

REFLECTIONS: Manages the county-level competition for National PTA's "Reflections" arts program, highlighting original student work in visual and performing arts. Selects winners in various categories to compete in state and national competition. Plans a spring showcase to feature all entries.  

SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL: Encourages feedback and advocacy around how students get to and from school safely, whether they walk, ride or take the bus. Organizes forums and partners with MCPS and county officials to identify and address areas of concern.  

SCHOOL CLIMATE AND SAFETY: Facilitates communication and advocacy related to school safety and security; preventing of all forms of bias, discrimination, hate, sexual harassment, and violence in schools; ensuring rights of and protections for undocumented students and families; preventing, reporting, and responding to child abuse and neglect; promoting restorative justice and community-building practices; and supporting school communities in the midst of crisis. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Advocates for families of students with special needs (e.g., students with IEPs and 504 Plans).  Acts as a watchdog to ensure consistent provision of special education services and accommodations countywide and policies consistent with that.  Supports local PTA Special Education Chairs. Organizes and hosts annual Special Education Awards celebration, recognizing students, parents, staff and programs for outstanding achievement supporting special needs students. 

STUDENTBUSINESS CHALLENGE: Facilitates MCCPTA's partnership with Junior Achievement, MCPS and Montgomery County Department of Recreation (RecXtra) to bring this innovative after-school program and business idea pitch competition to middle school students countywide, giving them the opportunity to engage in design thinking and experience the initial steps of a business startup. 

TRAINING: Responsible for training PTA leaders and members on how to run their PTAs, advocate and engage families - the heart of PTA's mission. Organizes fall and spring half and full day training events with multiple workshops required training for MCCPTA board members (highly recommended for local boards). Provides additional cluster and individual PTA training during the year as needed. Maintains a "training web page" of materials to assist PTA leaders and members. 


2019-20 MCCPTA Committees

Local PTAs

All PTA members are welcome to join MCCPTA Committees of interest. Contact the listed Committee Chairman for more information.


Appointed Chairmen provide leadership to MCCPTA committees and  are members of the MCCPTA Board of Directors. 


MCCPTA committees address our advocacy issues, such as Education, Health & Safety, Capital & Operating Budget, as well as operating functions for the organization.

CommitteeReports toChairEmail

AdvocacyVP AdvocacyLaura StewartVPAdvocacy@mccpta.org
CIPVP AdvocacyOPENCIP@mccpta.org
CommunicationsVP AdminOPENcommunications@mccpta.org
  Blue BookVP AdminAdam Lee


  e-CommunicationsVP AdminOPEN
  Social MediaVP AdminOPEN
  Public RelationsVP AdminOPEN
  WebmasterVP AdminOPENWebmaster@mccpta.org
CurriculumVP Ed IssuesAmanda Gravercurriculum@mccpta.org
Rodney PeeleRMCC-3@mccpta.org
  Early Childhood Education Rep
Charisse ScottNecsherwood@mccpta.org
Gifted ChildVP Ed IssuesMichelle Gluck


Health and WellnessVP AdvocacySunil Dasguptahealthsafety@mccpta.org
  Mental Health & Wellness
  Substance Use & Prevention
Laura MitchellOperatingbudget@mccpta.org
Lynn Amanonutrition@mccpta.org
  Safe Technology
Lisa Cline safetech@mccpta.org
School Climate & SafetyPresidentGillian Huebnerclimateandsafety@mccpta.org
Membership & EngagementTreasurerCarrie Palssonmembership@mccpta.org
Diversity and InclusionPresidentdiversityandinclusion@mccpta.org
Mark EcksteinLGBTQ@mccpta.org
Operating BudgetVP AdvocacyLaura Mitchelloperatingbudget@mccpta.org
Special EducationVP Ed Issues

Julie Reiley

Ad Hoc

FieldsVP AdvocacyJohn SeelkeJseelke@gmail.com
Student Business ChallengeVP ProgramsNora Vacariu Websterconnectbusinesschallenge@mccpta.org
Safe RoutesVP AdvocacyAlison Gillespiesaferoutes@mccpta.org

AwardsVP ProgramsDaria Danielawards@mccpta.org
BylawsVP AdminKellie Schoolar Reynoldsbylaws@mccpta.org
Celebration of ExcellenceVP ProgramsOPEN
Cultural ArtsVP ProgramsPriscilla Petersonarts@mccpta.org
FinanceTreasurerKhristy Kartsakalistreasurer@mccpta.org
NominatingVP AdminChris Rutledgenominating@mccpta.org
ReflectionsVP ProgramsJames Modrickreflections@mccpta.org
TrainingVP AdminFrances Frosttraining@mccpta.org

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MCCPTA Committees address county-wide academic concerns, programs, awards, and MCCPTA administrative business. Committees meet as determined by the chair.  PTA members may contact the chair for more information.

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