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How Advocacy Works

2020-21 Advocacy Priorities

Summer Area Meetings canvas the priorities and concerns of PT(S)As and parents throughout the county. Feedback is used to develop new Advocacy Priorities every year (below).These meetings are organized by area and cluster leaders in conjunction with the MCCPTA Executive Committee. 

The MCCPTA Delegates Assembly meets monthly during the school year to propose, debate, and determine countywide PTA positions on key issues. Each local PT(S)A can have up to three voting representatives: the president or his/her designee, and up to two delegates. These members, plus the MCCPTA Board of Directors, comprise the Delegates Assembly. 

PTA members are encouraged to sign up for "Action Alerts" from MCCPTA, Maryland PTA and National PTA. Advocate by sending an email, calling elected officials, signing a petition, or attending or hosting a meeting. (Scroll down for contacts.)

Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators engage, coach and represent local PTA concerns on capital improvement and operating budget issues. They present testimony at hearings before the Board of Education and County Council.  ALL parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in these hearings to show your support for our schools, students, and staff!

MCCPTA advocates for parents, students, staff, and schools with MCPS, the Board of Education, Montgomery County Council, Maryland General Assembly.


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