Digital Devices and Grades

A study by Rutgers researchers published in Educational Psychology confirms  that devices in the classroom lead to lower grades.  

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Cyberbullying and Online Safety

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- Free Online Safety Booklets from the Federal Trade Commission 
-The NetSmartz Student Project Kit 
-Teach kids how to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely.


Children and Families in the Digital Age

Resources on RF Radiation Data

- National Toxicology Report on Cell Phone Radiation (Whole Body Exposure)

- American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations on Limiting Cell Phone Exposure

- CEHPAC report

- Physicians’ Consensus Statements


- California Public Health Officials Issue Cellphone Radiation Warning

- Maryland Children's Environmental Health and Protection Wifi Radiation in Schools Final Report

Blue Light & Eye Damage Research Compilation

- Blue light and sleep

-Blue light and eye damage

- A new study by researchers at the University of Toledo, OH, shows that blue light from device screens accelerates blindness and macular degeneration

Student Privacy
-  Educator Toolkit for Student Privacy

- Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy

- Digital Safety by the Discovery Education Foundation offers interactive curriculum resources for teachers, parents and students to gain critical information on cybersafety, cybersecurity, and cyberethics. The content provides crucial lessons on stranger danger awareness, malware and malicious websites, and cyberbullying, making sure that students grow to become responsible digital citizens. 

- National PTA Statement on Student Privacy and Data Security -'s-positions/Individual-Position-Statements/Position-Statement-Student-Data-Privacy-and-Security (copy this link ito your browser)

- Security Education Companion by the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a resource for people learning about or teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors. If you are new to digital security, want tutorials for privacy-protecting tools, or want translated guides in 13 languages, head to Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD).

- Common Sense is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. They provide information, advice, and innovative tools to help families use media and technology as positive tools.

- Digital Armor lists resources and federal laws on privacy protection and dealing with abusive on-line conduct. 

- The K-12 Cyber Incident Map

Resources on Cell Phones and Laptops in School

Cell phones are becoming an inevitable part of the classroom, but recent research suggests that using cell phones in the classroom impairs academic performance. 

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