Membership is key to our advocacy efforts. The more people we represent, the more elected leaders listen to our concerns.

​Want a quick and easy way to double your PTA membership this year? Need new ideas to attract diverse members? No time to write a letter or design a flyer? Your *new* online MCCPTA Membership Toolkit makes the job easy! Everything you need to boost membership is here! It's one-stop shopping for fresh ideas, ready-to-use materials, and money-saving benefits. 

Our countywide theme is "EVERY VOICE COUNTS." Whether a member runs the book fair or never attends meetings, every member is important. To advocate for students, we need every voice. To get you energized, we're planning monthly incentives to celebrate growth.

We're excited about boosting PTA membership all over Montgomery County. And we love your feedback. Let us know what's working, what else you'd like to see here, and how we can better support your efforts to make "Every Voice Count!"

 Membership: "Every voice counts!"


Everyone is a Membership Ambassador!  Whenever and wherever you meet families, teachers, students, neighbors, business owners - anyone in the community - encourage them to join PTA.

Local PTAs

You are the driving force behind making  MCCPTA the largest voice for students in Montgomery County.