Who's on your team?

Membership is one of the most important components of your PT(S)A!  Without members, you can't accomplish anything.  Without members, your advocacy isn't amplified. Without members, your board is shouting into the wind.

Because membership is so important, one person can't do it alone.  Now is the time to start reaching out to your school friends and contacts and personally ask them to help you.  Sure, you can send out a generic e-mail calling for help, but the reality is that 99% of people will ignore that e-mail.  It is much harder to ignore someone they know asking them to do a very specific task.

Every school runs a little differently, so I can't tell you exactly how to break up the work.  Here are a few suggestions for roles that can have a big impact:

Staff membership

  • Keep track of staff members as they join
  • Give shout outs on social media when a whole team joins
  • Give staff members small treats (think box of pencils or bag of candy) when the whole team joins
  • Create signs they can display on their doors that show they are members of the PTA
  • Keep principal up to date on what staff members have yet to join

Create an incentive program for people to join the PTA

  • Class competitions?
  • Raffles for members only?
  • Providing something small to people at events when they show membership card?

Work to create incentives in the community

  • Visit THIS LINK tor resources to create local discounts for your members

Graphic Designer

  • Create a unified theme
  • Create invitations, posters, bulletin boards, etc

Spreadsheet Management

  • Let someone who likes to work behind the scenes manage the spreadsheet, while you focus on the social aspect of membership.

Hopefully that gives you some specific ideas of how to utilize people who want to help you.  Don't forget to get your board involved!  They should be helping you at Back to School Nights and other events.  People want to meet the executive committee, so check in with them and let them know you need them at these events.

Have a great week,
Carrie Palsson
MCCPTA Membership Chair

Works to grow membership and encourage engagement by all families ans staff

Carrie Palsson, chair

Hung Trinh, vice chair

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