Title                                           Full Name                                    E-mail

MCCPTA Officers (Executive Committee)                                                                            

*President                                  Paul Geller                               president@mccpta.org

*VP Educational Issues             Jennifer McDonald                     vpeducation@mccpta.org

*VP / Administration                   Stephen Wilson                        vpadmin@mccpta.org

*VP / Advocacy                          [vacant]                                   vpadvocacy@mccpta.org

*VP / Programs                          Melissa McKenna                     vpprograms@mccpta.org

*Treasurer                                  Lisa Betts                                 treasurer@mccpta.org

*Recording Secretary -BOD       Tracie Potts (acting)                    BODsecretary@mccpta.org

*Recording Secretary -DA         [vacant                                       DAsecretary@mccpta.org

Past MCCPTA President           Frances Frost

(General office email: office@mccpta.org)

MCCPTA Board of Directors: 1st Thursday of the month, 7:30 PM at Carver Educational Services Center (subject to change if scheduling conflicts)

 MCCPTA Board of Directors

every child. one voice.

Montgomery County Council of PTAs