YAHOO! ListServ FAQs

Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can send an email with name/school/position to:​​

*more listservs may be available 

Q: How do I get off a listserv?
A: You can send an email with your name/email to:​

Q: What's going on with the presidents listserv?
There was a mistake setting up an email address for the 2016-2017 new moderator (no actual personal email was attached) so we need to ask YAHOO! to give us access again ... waiting for intervention from the powers at YAHOO! ...
meanwhile we are using MCCPTA_Presidents_Temp as a placeholder.
Both Presidents and Presidents_Temp will operate simultaneously, but all new presidents members will be added to Presidents_Temp until further notice.
Messages between the two listservs is copied and pasted (may be a brief time lag) so that communication can continue to flow with access to historical Presidents conversations.

Q: I signed up for Blue Book ... why am I not automatically added to the appropriate ListServ?
A: Updates to the ListServs are manual ... there will be a lag between updating the ListServs and your invitation to the ListServ showing up in your inbox.
Send an email to to inquire.

​Q: I don't see the invite to a ListServ in my inbox?
A: Double check your junk mail folder.

​Q: I don't have a YAHOO! email ... does that matter?
A: If you don't use YAHOO! and cannot access the ListServ invite, then there is a work around. Reach out again and we will reinvite you 
  X   Add only to mailing list. (workaround the non YAHOO! issue)