What are "E-lists"?

E-lists (also known as "listservs") connect  your local PTA/PTSA to MCCPTA. This is where we share important information, opportunities and events to share with you members. They also provide a great discussion forum for PTA members and leaders around the county to learn from and share with each other. Need a speaker for your meeting? Wondering when your 990 is due? Ask on an e-list!

What lists can I join?
BOARD (closed list for the MCCPTA Board of Directors)
PRESIDENTS (for all local PTA/PTSA Presidents and VPs)
DELEGATES (for all local PTA/PTSA delegates to MCCPTA, including Presidents)
TREASURERS (for all local PTA/PTSA Treasurers)​




How do I join?

Local PTA Presidents, VPs and Treasurers - and MCCPTA board members - are added when you register for the Blue Book. Messages should appear in your inbox.

HEALTH & SAFETY - Request HERE (moving to Groups IO)
​REFLECTIONS - Request HERE (moving to Groups IO)

Why don't I get messages anymore?

We've moved our e-lists to Groups IO because Yahoo is shutting down important functions. Everyone who was on the Yahoo board, presidents, delegates and treasurers lists has been added to Groups IO. You should have received a welcome in mid-November with a link to the group webpage (if you want to see messages online) and instructions to set up a login/password (if you want to explore other features). 

How do I connect to Groups IO?
If you're receiving Groups IO messages and only want to communicate via email, do nothing - you're connected! If you're not getting messages from IO, email and ask our officer manager to add your email. 

Can I start a list?

Sure! Contact

When do Yahoo lists go away?

We'll keep Yahoo operational for a few weeks until we're fairly confident everyone is using Groups IO. 

Doesn't MemberHub have a message board?

Yes! We're setting it up. More on that much later.

I'm getting too many messages!

Log in and adjust your email delivery to Daily Summary or Digest. 

I'm not getting any messages! 
Contact office manager Pam Loebach ( to verify you're subscribed. Contact e-lists chair Adam Lee with technical questions (


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