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Standards of Continuing Affiliation (Requirements)
There are eight (8) requirements mandated, recorded, and tracked by Maryland PTA which must be fulfilled to maintain the good standing of each local PT(S)A, effective July 13, 2013. These requirements are known as Standards of Continuing Affiliation (SoCA) requirements.  Local PT(S)A presidents should work closely with their treasurers and other board of directors members to complete them in a timely manner every year.  Our Council, MCCPTA, is required to fulfill those requirements too.  

 MCCPTA cluster coordinators and area vice presidents, and MCCPTA officers, particularly the MCCPTA treasurer, monitor the status of these requirements using spreadsheets provided to MCCPTA Board members at the end of each month; the data come from Maryland PTA.  These MCCPTA officers are ready and available to lend guidance and help.  

WHY?  Good standing is vital.  It preserves the non-profit 501(c)3 status of each PT(S)A--which enables us to raise money without paying income taxes and to accept charitable donations--and is a prerequisite for participation in the Reflections program, the receipt of Maryland PTA awards, and the privilege of voting at the Maryland PTA Summer Convention.  PTA membership for a local unit provides the benefits of a 50,000+ member organization in our county alone; these resources are coupled with the support of Maryland PTA and National PTA, representing 5 million members supporting public education and children.