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A "How To" for the Reflections Program

The rewards for participating in the PTA Reflections program are plentiful. Students create amazing art, film, music, photography and literature that is beautiful and inspirational to fellow students, parents and judges.

Last year, Montgomery County students exceeded in the 2012-2013 Reflection contest.  Savannah Du, now a senior at Richard Montgomery High School, received National PTA's highest Reflection Award, Outstanding Interpretation of the theme, in the category of musical composition. Savannah received her award at the PTA National Convention and performed for convention attendees.  Savannah will also attend the Department of Education's award ceremony in early 2014, where her work will be on display during the months of January and February 2014.

Montgomery County also had two students earn a National PTA Award of Excellence. Ariana Yeatts-Lonske (formerly of Thomas Wootton HS) won for her literature, and Petrina Steimel (Maryvale Elementary School) won for musical composition. The MCCPTA , Reflection Chairs and participants were very excited for all of our young artists, and their success has energized the program.

The information on this page/website is important for you to understand and adhere to. This information includes several links to everything you need such as rules and guidelines, deadlines, forms, templates and general information.

It is critical that all Reflections chairs and PTA Presidents join the Yahoo listserv, our primary means of communication.  Announcements, deadlines and general information are posted throughout the school year. The National PTA website has a great deal of information, but participating PTAs in Montgomery County need to stay informed through the yahoo group regarding MCCPTA and Maryland PTA deadlines and issues of compliance. 

The most critical change in the program this year is the Montgomery County PTA deadline for MCCPTA and MDPTA compliance. Reflection chairs know that in order to have student entries move along through the stages of the competition (local, county, state, national), the local PTA must be "In Good Standing" with Maryland PTA (MDPTA Standards of Affiliation).  In the past, PTAs have had until February 1st to get their PTAs in compliance.  This year, the deadline for state compliance has moved up.  Therefore, Montgomery County PTA has moved their deadline for all MCCPTA and MDPTA compliance to 12/31/13.  Therefore, all MDPTA compliance requirements must be met by 12/31/13 (no exceptions).  This deadlines allows MCCPTA one month to have MCCPTA award winners judged and winning entries to arrive at the state on time. Warning - if your PTA is not "In Good Standing" with Maryland PTA by 12/31/13, all entries from the school will not be allowed to continue on through the competition.  Although this might seem punitive, it is no different from the way things have been done in the past, but merely moves the compliance date up for our local PTAs.

Therefore, while Reflections Chairs need to insure that the artwork itself is within the parameters of the categorical guidelines, PTA Presidents and Treasurers need to insure that their PTA's “Good Standing” requirements have been met. The requirements for Maryland PTA Standards of Affiliation & Good Standing can be found on the homepage of the MCCPTA website.


Never hesitate to contact the MCCPTA chair with any questions you may have. Clarifying issues and confirming a PTA's compliance before dropping off your school's entries is the local PTA Reflection chair's most important responsibility.

We would like to thank you for committing your time and energy to our talented students and giving them an opportunity to express themselves in an artful way!  While you are busy making sure the Reflections program runs well at your school, don't forget to enjoy the beautifully expressive art that is about to come your way...

Chris McDermott  

Important Links:

MCCPTA Reflections yahoo group:



MCCPTA Reflection Chair  Chris McDermott,, or (301) 253-9059

MCCPTA Office  Pam Loebach, office manager,, or (301) 208-0111

All forms, guidelines, posters, category rules: (you must first establish an account)

Student Entry Form:                                                                           

PTA Registration Guide:                                                                                   

Local PTA Unit Participation Form:                                                 

Reflections en Español

Si necesita información en Español acerca de el programa “Reflections” ó acerca de programas de educación de las Artes, por favor visite: Del sitio Web de National PTA