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Ever wonder
 "Why no Co-Presidents?"

There are eight (8) requirements mandated and monitored by Maryland PTA to maintain the good standing of your local PTA/PTSA, known as SoCA (Standards of Continuing Affiliation) requirements. Local unit Presidents should work with the local Treasurer and Board of Directors to complete these in a timely manner. Good standing not only preserves non-profit 501(c)3 status, but it also ensures that your students can participate in the Reflections program through the National PTA level and allows PTA delegates to attend the Maryland PTA Summer Convention and cast a vote!

These resource will help keep the President and Board on top of these requirements and other must-dos for PTAs all year long.  It's helpful for the President to be knowledgeable about all the financial requirements and practices, as well.

Insurance Information and Forms  Make sure your PTA has the proper insurance coverage for all your PTA events. For questions, contact Knight Insurance.

MCCPTA Blue Book form
Provide this information for the MCCPTA Blue Book, or Directory, by June 30.  Fill-in electronically, save as your PTA name and return to the MCCPTA Office via email or print and mail in to the office.  All PTAs will receive a copy of the MCCPTA Blue Book in the fall.

MD PTA Local Unit Contact Information Sheet  
This information is a Maryland PTA requirement and must be on file for your PTA to receive its membership cards. The form should be completed within two (2) weeks of your PTA elections and submitted directly to MD PTA.

MCCPTA Membership Dues Invoice
It is strongly recommended that local PTAs submit dues payment to MCCPTA and MD PTA at the same time (in separate payments).  This practice will ensure consistency in membership records between MCCPTA and Maryland PTA, and is easier on the local Treasurer

Running an Effective Meeting: CLICK HERE for Meeting Tips.
This sheet will help you organize an efficient, productive business meeting for your PTA.  

Parliamentary Procedures (or Robert's Rules of Order)
CLICK HERE for a tip sheet and CLICK HERE for a brief version with additional explanation and information.  

Need help? Your cluster coordinator and area vice president have a wealth of experience, and are just an email or phone call away!