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Operating Budget

Operating Budget Committee:  Supports the advocacy of MCCPTA-established priorities on operating budget issues, including representing MCCPTA at MCPS budget meeting. Priorities reflect input provided by PTA leadership from each area of the county as voiced during summer area meetings, as well as the collective input of the MCCPTA Board of Directors and MCCPTA Delegates.  

In 2015-16, MCCPTA combined our resolutions for the operating budget, capital improvement budget, and legislation into one document, the Advocacy Priorities for 2015-16. 

MCCPTA Resolution on the FY2016 Operating Budget Priorities, adopted at the November 2014 Delegates' Assembly.

MCCPTA Operating Budget Priorities Resolution, adopted October 22, 2013 CLICK HERE 

FY2015 Operating Budget Testimonies - County Council


Quince Orchard
Richard Montgomery

FY2015 Operating Budget Testimonies - BOARD OF EDUCATION 
MCCPTA and Cluster Testimonies Delivered January 9 and 16, 2014