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The PTA and National PTA are membership organizations and growing membership is important.  Membership provides the resources - talent, time, ideas, volunteers, and funds - to benefit the children of our schools.

People join to show support of the work done locally and collectively to help children, families, and schools, and when they understand the benefits to themselves and/or the school community.  The work the local PTA does must be relevant to the community.

The Membership Chair ensures that the PTA defines the benefits of membership and communicates that message to the community.

Membership Resources

MCCPTA Membership Guidebook (Updated 2015)

MCCPTA Membership Dues Information

What PTA Provides at the School, County, State, and National Levels - Sample handout

Why PTA for Incoming Parents - Sample handout

Sample Membership form

National PTA Membership Information
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 - Diversify your Membership

MCCPTA Membership Awards
MCCPTA recognizes local PTA/PTSAs that are building and sustaining membership with three categories of awards. Award winners are announced annually at our Presidents and Principals Dinner.

GROW IT! These awards will recognize PTA/PTSAs for their year-on-year membership growth in percentage terms.

Bronze: Growth up to 5%

Silver: Growth 5% to 24%

Gold: Growth 25% to 49%

Platinum: Growth 50% to 99%

Diamond: Growth 100% and over

BUILD AND SUSTAIN IT! These awards will be given to the three PTA/PTSAs from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that have the largest membership in absolute terms.

ENGAGE IT! These awards will be given to the PTA/PTSA from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that has the greatest PTA member to student number ratio. That ratio serves as a proxy for community involvement.