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MCCPTA Membership Awards

MCCPTA recognizes local PTA/PTSAs that are building and sustaining membership with three categories of awards. Award winners will be announced at our Presidents and Principals Dinner in May 2014; winners also will receive certificates. Membership totals for PTA fiscal year 2013-2014 will be based on MCCPTA records as of March 31, 2014.

GROW IT! These awards will recognize PTA/PTSAs for their year-on-year membership growth in percentage terms.
Bronze: Growth up to 5%
Silver: Growth 5% to 24%
Gold: Growth 25% to 49%
Platinum: Growth 50% to 99%
Diamond: Growth 100% and over

BUILD AND SUSTAIN IT! These awards will be given to the three PTA/PTSAs from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that have the largest membership in absolute terms.

ENGAGE IT! These awards will be given to the PTA/PTSA from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that has the greatest PTA member to student number ratio. That ratio serves as a proxy for community involvement.


Here are four templates to customize for your PT(S)A
to help explain the value and importance of PTA membership:

What PTA Provides at the School, County, State, and National Levels

Why PTA for School Staff

Why PTA for Incoming Parents

Why PTA for Units that Link Membership to their Directory

Your PT(S)A need to pay MCCPTA Membership Dues?  
CLICK HERE for the MCCPTA voucher and mail it in!

Want to Engage the "S" in PTSA?  

CLICK HERE for Tips for Teens and Adults
CLICK HERE for Maryland PTA Scholarship Information
CLICK HERE for an Exemplar on a Program to Involve Students, a Student Board at Your PTSA
CLICK HERE for for another Exemplar on Creating a Student Board at Your PTSA

More Membership Tips

CLICK HERE for Revised 2014-2015 MCCPTA Membership Guidebook
CLICK HERE for NEW! PowerPoint on Growing PTA (January 2013)
for Membership Checklist
CLICK HERE for Membership Talking Points

Branding & Continued Membership Drives

Encourage your local PTAs to publicize all they do for the school.  (Professionally printed signs help!)

Encourage your local PTAs to continue their membership drives throughout the year
More on Membership from National PTA

MEMBERSHIP DUES.  And, don't forget, you don't actually have members until your PT(S)A has paid dues for them to Maryland PTA--they will send a monthly invoice--and MCCPTA.  At MCCPTA, we don't send an invoice, but ask that you download THIS FORM and send in your payments monthly.  TIP:  Pay Maryland PTA ($3.75 per member) and MCCPTA ($1 per member) at the same time; it makes remembering much easier!

Need a membership form that gathers members AND their cash-for-school cards? CLICK HERE for a sample form

What does your PTA do or WANT to do for your students? Let people know! Hoover Middle School used Shakespeare quotes to promote the HMS PTA-funded Shakespeare Program.

Facebook is growing as a way to get your message out, build your membership, and help with the efforts of your PTA... and it's very user friendly. MCCPTA is on Facebook.