Coming Up: MCCPTA & League of Women Voters - Board of Education Candidate Forum, 9/29
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Board of Education Candidates Forum

2014 is an election year ------ an especially important time for those of us who advocate for our kids and our schools.  The choices we make on November 4 will have a major impact on things we care deeply about for the next four years!

It's so important to be informed.  Do your homework.  Pay attention.  Meet candidates. Ask questions. Listen to answers.  Consider carefully.  MCCPTA wants to help you do that.

MCCPTA and League of Women Voters

Board of Education Candidates Forum

Monday, September 29, 2014

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Auditorium at Carver Education Center in Rockville

There are four Board of Education seats being contested this election cycle, and there are two candidates running for each seat.  All eight of those candidates will take part in our Sept. 29 forum.  The candidates are:

District 1:

  • Judith Docca
  • Kristin Trible

District 3:

  • Laurie Halverson
  • Pat O'Neill

District 5:

  • Mike Durso
  • Larry Edmonds


  • Shebra Evans
  • Jill Ortman-Fouse

Remember - unlike the County Council and General Assembly, Board of Education seats are all countywide --- BOE district affiliations apply only to where the candidate/BOE member must live. So - no matter where you live, you have a vote in EVERY Board of Education contest. 

Join us on Monday, September 29!