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Marian Greenblatt
Teacher-of-the-Year Awards
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Deadline for submission was January 10, 2014


MCCPTA recognizes local PTA/PTSAs that are building and sustaining membership with three categories of awards. Award winners will be announced at our Presidents and Principals Dinner in May 2014; winners also will receive certificates. Membership totals for PTA fiscal year 2012-2013 will be based on MCCPTA records as of March 31, 2014.

NOTE: Should there be a discrepancy between Maryland PTA and MCCPTA membership numbers for the current year, PTA/PTSAs eligible for MCCPTA awards will be notified and asked to remit any dues owed to MCCPTA by May 1, 2014.  Failure to remit payment to MCCPTA may result in disqualification.

GROW IT! These awards will recognize PTA/PTSAs for their year-on-year growth in percentage terms.

Bronze: Membership growth up to 5%
Silver: Membership growth between 5% and up to 24%
Gold: Membership growth between 25% and up to 49%
Platinum: Membership growth between 50% and up to 99%
Diamond: Membership growth 100% and over

BUILD AND SUSTAIN IT! These awards will be given to the three PTA/PTSAs from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that have the largest membership in absolute terms.

ENGAGE IT! These awards will be given to the PTA/PTSA from each school category--elementary, middle, and high school--that has the greatest PTA member to student number ratio. That ratio serves as a proxy for community involvement.
Recipients of the National PTA Life Memberships presented by MCCPTA

Homer Elseroad 1975 / Joan Elias 1979

Lorraine Reddy 1980 /Joyce Constantine 1984

Ellie Stuck 1986 / Nancy Wiecking 1986

Mary Ann Bowen 1993 / Vicki Rafel 1993

Sharon DiFonzo 1994 / Charlotte Joseph 1996

Sharon Freidman 1997 / Bea Gordon 1998

Paul Vance 1999 / Steven Seleznow 2000

Fred Lowenbach 2001 / Linda Rigsby 2002

George Margolies 2003 / Cindy Kerr 2006

Marney Jacobs 2007 / Jane de Winter 2008

Kay Romero 2010 / Dr. Jerry Weast 2011

Juan Johnson 2012 / Kristin Trible 2012

Donna Pfeiffer 2013

Recipients of the Maryland PTA Life Memberships presented by MCCPTA at the annual Presidents and Principals Dinner

Sharon Cox, Alan Stein, Tom Jones 1999

Jennifer Brown, Joanne Busalacchi, Ginny Hillhouse, Ivette Laureano 2000

Linna Barnes, Trish Clark, Ann Black, Fran Brenneman, Samira Hussein 2001

Isiah Leggett, Gene Thirolf, Michelle Turner, Marilyn Udell 2002

Madelyn Hamilton, Mark Kelsch, Jerry Loux 2003

Neal Meyerson, Michelle Yu, Link Hoewing 2004

B J Mills, Akies Muskin, Kathy Parnell 2005

Kathy Alsmeyer, Sandra Walker, Carole Brand 2006

Don Kress, Phil Kauffman 2007

DeBora King, April Keyes 2008

Kate Savage, Steve Augustino 2009

Liz Wheeler 2010

Henry "Hank" Heller 2011

Frances Frost 2012

Deb Lang 2013

Recipient of the 
PTA President of the Year Award

Alyssa Emden
 Westland Middle School PTSA 2011

Jeri Crist
S. Christa McAuliffe  ES PTA 

Kim Penn
Spark Matsunaga ES PTA

Recipients of the MCCPTA Dad4PTA Award

Larry Edmonds 2013

Recipients of the MCCPTA

“Partners for Children” Award

given in recognition of outstanding partnerships between schools and community programs

Mr. H.J. Stephenson, Aladdin Computers 1998

S.H.A.R.P. Street Suspension Program 1999

SPARK Program 2000

Carrabba's Italian Grill 2002

Mr. Harry Badgasian 2003

Montgomery College 2005

MCPS Instructional TV 2006

American Speech, Language, Hearing Association 2007

Lockheed Martin 2008

Knights of Columbus 2009

Carlos A. Scandiffio, President & CEO, Allworld Language Consultants, Inc. 2010

Chris Taylor 2012

MCCPTA President's Award

Doni Flynn, MCCPTA Web Designer, 2013

MCCPTA Membership Awards,