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Get involved in PTA at the county level - Join a committee!

MCCPTA committee chairs are always looking for PTA members to get involved!  Find your passion among the Administrative Committees below, or  check our Standing Committees descriptions, and contact the chair or co-chair to become part of our work!  

Names and email addresses for the leaders of the Administrative committees listed below can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Advocacy Events Committee
Cooperates and coordinates with the Legislative Committee and the Vice President-Legislation to organize opportunities for MCCPTA leadership to advocate or to develop relationships for future advocacy with elected officials beyond the hearing room.

Awards Committee: Communicates award opportunities and serves as a resource for PTA award information. Collects nominations for MCCPTA awards, and creates panels to judge and determine award recipients.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Bylaws Committee: Assures that all PTAs in MCCPTA are aware of their bylaw status, understand the recent revisions to Maryland PTA bylaws, and use bylaws effectively in running their local PTAs.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Cable TV Committee: Working with MCPS and in coordination with the Vice President-Programs, coordinates and publicizes broadcasts to share the content of MCCPTA speakers and programs, and identifies and explores other cable-related activities to support PTA members.

Cultural Arts Committee: Supports and promotes PT(S)A efforts to present high-quality performances, workshops, residencies, and in-school field trips to students in MCPS to enrich their educational program and artistic experiences.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

e-Communications Committee: Supports and moderates MCCPTA e-Lists (listserves), and provides input and guidance on other MCCPTA electronic communications.

Legislative Committee: Provides information to the membership regarding issues, legislative action, bills, and proposed legislation before the Maryland General Assembly, Montgomery County Council, and US Congress when those actions affect children, families, public education, or the safety of students. CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Nominating Committee: Solicits and reviews potential candidates for executive committee positions with the intent of selecting a slate of candidates to put forward to the organization. Supports AVPs and clusters with nomination and election process, reviewing nominations for AVPs and cluster coordinators
to ensure compliance with MCCPTA bylaws requirements.

Public Relations Committee: Works in coordination with MCCPTA President, officers, and committee chairs to provide proactive communication of key positions and events.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Presidents & Principals Dinner Committee: Organizes the annual dinner at which the work of PT(S)A in Montgomery County is celebrated, and MCCPTA officers are installed.

Reflections Committee: Promotes and increases awareness of the annual National PTA Reflections art program that encourages students to express themselves through creative projects. Utilizes MCCPTA communications vehicles to make local PTAs aware of the program and to provide comprehensive information to the local chairpersons. Runs the county-level competition and awards ceremony.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Student Involvement Committee: Aims to bring a student perspective to MCCPTA. Represents MCCPTA to the Montgomery County regional student governments (MCJC and MCR-SGA), the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC), the Montgomery County Students’ Coalition (MCSC),
and the Student Member of the Board (SMOB). Recruits students for MCCPTA projects, involves students with MCCPTA advocacy, and assists PT(S)As in reaching out to and working with local student governments.

Training Committee: Working closely with MCCPTA leadership, plans, publicizes, and orchestrates at least two (2) training sessions a year in the Fall and Spring to develop local PT(S)A leadership throughout Montgomery County.  CLICK HERE FOR 2013-2014 WORK PLAN

Webmaster: Develops and maintains the MCCPTA web presence in coordination with MCCPTA leadership.